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For the Winners of our August 8th Bridal Show Drawing

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If you are reading this page, you were at the bridal show across the street from Disneyland on August 8th and you were one of our winners, so congratulations to you from me and Vesta, because you won $1000 off our special $3500 wedding show price, which means you get our total package for $2500.

You’ve also won a free engagement shoot.

We know it might seem a bit redundant, offering a free engagement session, when one is included in our wedding package, but we understand you might want to see how well we work with you and we think the best way to do that would be an engagement shoot.

Plus, we don’t want you to think your prize is contingent on us photographing your wedding, because it is not. At least not the engagement session part of it.

And I feel I must say the above, because we did have a bride once, who said she already had a photographer, so could we just please give him the thousand dollars, so she wouldn’t have too. And she got quite irate when I told her that wasn’t gonna happen.

In short, if you use us to photograph your wedding, you get the $1000 off, but if you don’t, you don’t. However, you still get the free engagement shoot and we’ll be happy to do that, because you won it.

Best to you,

Ken and Vesta

PS. If you’ve already booked a photographer and you’re not interested, please, please, please text us back and say:

“No thanks.”

We will not be offended and we’d greatly appreciate it.

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