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Shannon’s Journey, 7

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Monday, Shannon went to see Dr. Reganti, her oncologist. She had not seen her since before her surgery and here she’s hopeful the news she’s going to get is going to be good. She’s been through so much all ready and some good news, no matter how small, would be wonderfully welcome.

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But cancer is a deadly and persistent beast and in Shannon’s case an aggressive one as well.

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I looked away for an instant and took this picture. Dr. Reganti’s office is on the forth floor and the cold mountains seemed warmer than the news Reganti was giving shannon.

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Last time she did four rounds of chemo and it was awful. Some people do better than others with chemo but most people, it seems, do better with it than she did and the experience is not one she’s eager to relive, so when Dr. Reganti told her her cancer was very aggressive and that she’d have to do six rounds, she was devastated.

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But even so, her smile barely wavered, but you could see it in her eyes.

I asked her to pose with Dr. Reganti, cuz I wanted to capture her while the bad news was still fresh and I was afraid if I asked her to pose alone, that she might cry.

But she didn’t cry and in just a few seconds after I made the photograph, her composure was back and it was like the news was all good, even though it wasn’t.

When Shannon got home, she posted: Well, final results are in, I will have to have 6 rounds of chemo this time and another chemo drug for 1 year. This will be a long haul…

It is going to be a long haul. This will not be her best year. She’s gonna lose her hair, even her nose hairs. She’s gonna be sick. She’s gonna need help.

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A Message from Shannon

So, I've been beyond blessed with support from friends and family. I've also received many inspiring, emotional messages of thanks for documenting and sharing my journey through cancer with Ken and Vesta

When I asked them to do this with me it was meant as a private documentation for my daughter's and any close girlfriends who may have to go through this, after all, a majority of my peers are in their 40's and this is typically the age a woman needs to start screening for breast cancer.

My daughters, Ken, Vesta and I decided to just go for it and share in the hopes that even if it helps inform or empower or educate ONE woman, then it will be worth it. I hope that if you have been following the journey, you find that it is brutally honest, yet done in good taste.

Thank you all for your support (financial, food, goodies, driving me around, well wishes, visits.) It means the world and uplifts my spirit more than you'll even know!

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