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Shannon’s Journey, 14

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Shannon got her haircut today. And though she appears in good spirits in these photographs, and perhaps the mimosas help, you know she’s not really. Who could be? And even though she knows what to expect, because she’s danced this dance before, it’s still gotta hurt like heck, losing your hair.

And in the background, Katlin is looking on, wondering, I’m sure, if she’s seeing herself in ten years time and sadly, unless they come up with a cure, she probably is.

I’ve lost friends to cancer, who hasn’t, it’s a killer. A friend of mine told me that one half of all the men in the world will get cancer and one third of all the women. Yeah, that’s scary and it’s true, I know, cuz I checked.

We need a cure. Is there one around the corner? Probably not, but we need one right now. Hopefully, Vice President Biden’s Moonshot for a Cancer Cure will help get us closer. And maybe it will, unless the politicians find something they think is more important to do with the money.

Wait! There is nothing else more important. Not one damn thing.
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Yeah, I can see I was right about this mimosa business. If you’re gonna get cancer and you gotta have your hair cut, having your favorite beverage on hand is probably a pretty good idea.

Still, smiling in the face of the razor that’s gonna cut all your hair off, that’s gotta be hard. Yeah, it’s hard to be brave.

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Though Shannon’s friend Denise is a hair dresser, I image it doesn’t take much imagination to give Shannon the kind of cut she’s getting. I had one like that once, but the Marine Corp barber took less than a minute. Denise is taking her time, doing it with care, making an event out of it.

And I think that’s the way it should be. More people need to be involved and learn about this cancer business. Sadly, most don’t wanna know. Then a loved one gets it, or they get it themselves and all of a sudden they’re wondering why their insurance doesn’t cover the full cost.

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And that’s a fair and a real good question. How come we can’t get insurance that covers the cost of cancer? And how come the government, which is so happy to take your taxes, can’t step up and help out when you get it?

Think about it. If forty percent of everybody in the world is gonna get cancer, shouldn’t that be a top priority. I hear a lotta congressmen and senators talk about everything under the sun, you know, like gun control, planned parenthood, who should be allowed to get married, the budget and a lotta other stuff, but none of ‘em, not one, not one single one, is talking about cancer.

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Well, actually, when that barber cut my hair, he stopped right here, where Shannon’s hair is now. In this photo she’s got the perfect bootcamp do.

But it’s not over for her, she’s gonna get the full Yul Brenner treatment. Sadly, Mr. Brenner died of cancer. And sadly, back when he died, the tobacco companies were promoting smoking like there was no tomorrow, while they were busy denying any link between smoking and lung cancer.

Those commercials he made that aired after he passed away, must’ve really shook ‘em up, especially when he said, if it hadn’t been for the cigarettes, he wouldn’t be dead.

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Yeah, the mimosa’s gotta help those smiles some.

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And here’s our girl, lathered up and waiting for the razor. Brrr.

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You know, I’ve been thinking, a lotta people with cancer get wigs or wear hats and I’m wondering if that’s really a good idea, cuz when you pass somebody on the street, they couldn’t be blamed for thinking you were a healthy person and maybe that’s not such a good thing.

I mean, could you imagine if everyone of that forty percent went out and about with a shaved head? That would be two hundred and forty eight million people walking around look like Sade used to.

Nobody would think it was a new fad, cuz there’d be grandkids and grandparents and bartenders and waitresses and baseball players and soldiers and cops and robbers and everybody would know who had cancer and just what an evil cancer is and they’d be afraid of cancer and they’d want a cure for cancer before cancer got them and they had to shave their heads too.

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So maybe we all outta support Mr. Biden’s effort to find a cure. And you know what? I’m betting when it gets around to funding his Moonshot to Cure Cancer some politicians are gonna say it cost too much or there is something more important we should spend the money on.

Those are the guys you gotta vote against. If they don’t think spending a whole gang of money on an affliction that affects four out of ten people they need to be voted out.

Alright, enough of the cancer politics or rather the lack of it. It’s time to move on. At least for now.

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Here, she still seems in good spirits, like she’s having a good day, despite losing her hair. That’s the deal with cancer, chemo and all the rest of it, there are some bad days. Still, if you meet them with a smile, it takes a little dark out of them and lets a little sun in.

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