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For his fourth day of December wandering and good will doing, Santa decided on going to Amish Country, because although the Amish didn’t light up their houses or make a big deal about him, he liked them. Besides, he’d had his taylor elves make him an Amish costume and he’d never been out in it before, so now was as good a time as any.

But first. He wanted to check himself out in the mirror, to see what he looked like. He saw himself, and marveled at his appearance. Though the Amish didn’t decorate their homes with Christmas lights, Santa did and he just loved seeing the swirl of them behind him as he gazed at his reflection.

“Mr. Claus,” he said to himself, “Admit it, you’re a little vain.”

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Happy with the way he looked, he stuffed a few things into his bag, grabbed his lantern, then headed out to his sled, where Rudy and his crew were patiently waiting to fly.

“Pennsylvania!” he boomed as he climbed aboard. “Then he point straight ahead and said, ”That away.”

The deer shot out faster than a lightning bolt as Santa let out a thundering laugh. And in no time they were sailing over Amish country on a dark overcast evening.

He looked down, saw a couple with their horse and buggy. It looked like they were getting ready to go somewhere and all of a sudden he knew where and he knew they were gonna be in trouble deep and deeply in need of his help.

“There,” he pointed to a field behind their house and Rudy led the reindeer down to a soft landing. They had a large barn, with several horses, but still there was plenty of room for the reindeer, so they’d be safely out of sight.

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The young couple, Beth and Warren, were on their way to a Christmas Program, which was going to last a couple hours. When they got out and back in their buggy, they were going to be killed by seventeen-year-old Jim Wilson, a high school senior from the city, who’d come to Amish country in his dad’s old pickup, to visit his best friend and to get the perfect Christmas tree. 

Jim, too, was at the Christmas show. He would dally with his Amish friends, while Beth and Warren were driving their buggy home though the snow.

After a few minutes, Jim would wave and say goodbye to his friends, start up the pickup, get on the road and shortly after he’d be blinded by a sudden snow flurry and smash into Beth and Warren’s buggy, killing them both and their horse too.

Jim’s life would be ruined and Beth and Warren would be dead.

But it didn’t have to happen.

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Unlike with the girl in the Australian desert, he couldn’t simply talk to the boy and hold him up for a few minutes, because, even though he was wearing sort of an Amish Santa suit, the Amish didn’t have much of a Santa tradition and they wouldn’t take him for a mall Santa. They’d probably think he was a crazy old man.

No, he needed a better plan. Like himself, he had friends who had powers beyond those of ordinary humans. But Death and the Devil would be no help in a situation like this. God, on the other hand, He could help, because there was nothing the Big Guy couldn’t do if He set his mind to it.

Santa smiled to himself. Normally, the Big Guy liked to work in His mysterious ways and he didn’t like his plan being interfered with. But this, Santa chuckled, He’d like this.

So he sent his thoughts Heavenward and the Big Guy said yes straightaway and in an instant lights appeared on the Christmas tree in the back of the pickup. Then, all of a sudden, the truck was covered in snow and the words, “Merry Christmas,” magically wrote themselves on the front window.

Santa boomed a laugh, then another. The Big Guy had sent a lead from the truck’s battery to the tree, powering the lights, so by the time the Christmas program was over, the boy would have to get a jump start. So by the time he got on the road, Beth and Warren would be safely home.

He laughed again and for a second, he thought it would be fun to see everybody’s faces when the Christmas program was over and they saw that pickup.

But then he thought better of it and left, knowing Beth and Warren were going to be okay. Jim would be okay, too. All three were going to have wonderful lives.

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His good deed done, Santa decided to go walkabout, as they say in Australia. He enjoyed walking at night. Actually, he enjoyed walking, meeting people and sharing conversations them. But, on this night he wouldn’t be meeting anybody, Still he could enjoy the evening air.

And as he was strolling past a farm, he heard a sheep bleating off in the distance and he knew right off the bat that the animal was lost. He’d been admiring a large red house, when he’d heard the lamb. It was somewhere behind him. He raised his lantern and turned and there she was. A little lamb who’d lost her way.

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“Alright,” he said, you live two farms, that-a-way.” He pointed and started walking. Twenty minutes later he passed the first farm. He paused at a small barn for the lamb to catch her breath. “Not much longer now, girl,” he said. And they resumed their march.

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But when he got to the little lamb’s farm, he saw towels hanging on the line, spied a family having dinner though a window and all of a sudden he knew what the problem was. The lamb and her mother had been sold. He scratched his head. “How come didn’t missed that?

Then he got a second flash, the lamb’s mama was on a truck to Southern California, three thousand miles away, and the farmer who’d loaded the truck was under the mistaken impression that Santa’s new friend was also aboard.

“Ah well, little girl. I suppose it’s the North Pole for you.”

“Baa.” The lamb looked up at him.

“Oh don’t worry, we don’t eat meat there. You’ll be one of Mrs Cs prized pets.

“Baa, the lamb said again.

“I thought you’d appreciate that.”

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And so he took the lamb back to his sleigh, deciding not to name it, because Mrs C had given him a stern look the last time he’d brought her animals with names already attached. She liked naming them and this time he was going to let her have that pleasure.

Aboard the sleigh, with Rudy and Crew pulling hard, he looked down at a couple horse drawn buggies, making their way home after the Christmas program, and he smiled when he saw Jim and his friends hooking up battery cables to his truck.

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