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Eating Mr. Ed

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When we were younger, we were fortunate enough to be able to spend a year in Paris with our kids. Instead of regular school, we all spent our time there learning, or trying to learn in my case, French. You know, in the immortal words of Steve Martin, "They have a different word for everything."

Unfortunately, the word for horse, “cheval,” came rather late to us, much to our butcher’s delight. I did think it was rather strange that I starting singing Camptown Races and slapping my knees every time we had tacos. And yes, you can bet Vesta changed butchers when she figured out what was going on with Jaque, our nogoodnik butcher.

When I think back, those tacos were doggone good, but this from a guy who can eat anything. Still, the mere thought that I mighta been eating Mr. Ed between those heavenly tortillas Vesta made from scratch, is a bit unsettling. And, looking at this picture, she might even have had a bit of cheval in that bag. Brrr. Horses are our friends, they’re not for eating, they’re not.

If you’re young and reading this and there is any gosh darned way you can wangle a year in Paris, I recommend it. Even if it costs you and arm and your other arm. Even if you have to mortgage everything you own. It’s worth it. Paris, it’s the capitol of the world. Living there is something you’ll have with you for the rest of your life. Living there for a year is way, way better than buying a house or a new car or a new anything. You only live once and if you can spend even a short time in Paris, you’re way ahead of the game.

One another note, Vesta and I had a great day today. We got up and even though she has me on this stupid diet, I got a fried egg today. No butter on the toast though, but you can’t have everything. Then I worked on Jim and Peggy’s wedding photos for a couple hours. They’re a great couple.

And at noon, we had spaghetti, with olives instead of meatballs, because of that stupid diet, but I got garlic bread, so I was in a pretty good mood.

At 3:00 we drove to Verdi, where we met Ashley and Paul who are getting married there tomorrow. After talking to them for a bit, we went to Boomtown, where they’re having their reception and checked the place out. We’re gonna need filters on our flashes, but it’s not a big deal.

From there we drove to South Reno, where Dr. Bocchi, our dentist, was having his yearly get together with his patients. That’s always fun, cuz we get free dinner and a couple glasses of always very good wine. Doc Bocchi doesn’t skimp on the wine. If you don’t believe me, change dentists and Vesta and I will see you there next year.

And while were were there, Vesta surprised me with Sweet Honey in the Rock tickets. They’re a band I really love and they were playing at UNR and the show started at 7:30. She didn’t tell me about the surprise, till I was halfway through my second glass of the Sterling Cab the good doctor was serving. I was feeling really good and now I was gonna see Sweet Honey and that was sweet. No way could I a been happier.

The prettiest girl in Reno was taking me out. Such a deal. We got there early and there is just the smallest possibility that maybe I shouldn’t a been driving and I wouldn’t a been if not for the concert surprise, so it’s not really my fault, cuz my judgement was impaired. Still, it was only two glasses, I woulda passed any test the cops mighta thrown at me, even the attitude test, because I got a good attitude.

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