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I tried to log into my Amazon account, the one I’ve been using for eighteen years, because they wanted me to move my hardcopy books from their Create Space platform to their KDP platform, where I had my Kindle books. So I followed their directions and all my kindle books disappeared.

After an hour on the phone with an Amazon lady, my hardcopy books disappeared too.

After another hour, a supervisor there found my books, but she couldn’t let me have access to them, till I could verify my email. And when I tried, she said it wasn’t right. To her credit, she was on the phone with me for a long time, but I didn’t know the email address she was talking about, cuz I’ve been using the same one for EIGHTEEN YEARS.

And I told her that I received an email from them to that email address THREE DAYS AGO.

But she said that wasn’t the one they have on record and since I don’t remember it, I no longer have access to any of my books. However, Amazon will continue to sell them, but they can’t pay me, because I can’t log in to update my payment info, which has apparently disappeared along with my eighteen-year-old email address.

After spending more than three hours on the phone with three different supervisors and although they believed me when I said I was me and although they believed I wrote the books, they said because of their new security, I was outta luck if I couldn’t come up with that email address. And since I don’t know what email address they’re talking about, cuz I’ve always just logged in with the one I’ve been using for two years shy of twenty, I guess I’m out of luck.

So, I can either scream to high heaven, light my butt on fire and put my head in the sand or look at it as a blessing in disguise.

And I prefer option number two.

So it looks like the only way I can have access to my books and to get paid for them is to open a new account and start all over. But since I can’t take those old Ken Douglas books off Amazon, cuz, you know, I can’t get to them anymore, I have to come up with a new name too and new titles too, so my new readers won’t be confused.

So say hello to DJANGO DOUGLAS.

As for the above photograph, Vesta took it in Nice, on Bastille Day. It was a great day, with a parade, fireworks and lots of people having fun well into the night. The kids who sprayed us silly with silly string were a bit much, but when you’ve enjoyed as much wine as we had that evening, you don’t really mind.

Years later some bad people would ruin a Bastille Day there, but the world hadn’t gone crazy yet and holidays were still for enjoying, especially Bastille Day in the South of France.

As for missing a black and white photo for the last couple days, I blame it on Amazon and how their security methods locked me away from my books. After my three hours on the phone with them and after I’d written my last post on Facebook, I realized I could probably straighten everything out with a long letter, because my account was most probably hacked and that’s what I get for using a password as simple as the one on my shirt in this picture. In fact, that was my password.

So, I started the letter last night. Stopped in the middle of it. Had a couple glasses of wine. Reflected. And what I reflected on was that I used to make money on my books, but I don’t anymore. And getting over a thousand dollars a month in royalty payments, plus the money we made by selling my books on Amazon and to bookstores, was really cool. I know, I know, that’s penny’s compared to Stephen King, but still, for me, it was really cool.

Especially since my last royalty check was less than five bucks and we haven’t sold any books to anyone, anywhere in the last five years.

Reflecting on that last royalty check, I came to the conclusion I was doing something very wrong. Several of my books were dated and I hadn’t released any of the new ones I’d been working on. So maybe it was a good thing that hacker got me locked away from those books.

And I’ve been reflecting on that for the last two days.

And then, again over a glass of wine, I had an epiphany.

And by the time I got done epiphaning (not really a word), I decided to take my books off our website and to really start all over as Django. I’m going to update everything. Rewrite everything that needs it. Put out the books I haven’t released. And I’m gonna promote the heck of my work.
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