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Kristin and Doug

Doug and Kristin's Engagement Photos, by Wedding Shots Wedding Photography, Reno, NV.

Kristin and Doug wanted their engagement photos done in out in the middle of Nowhere, Nevada. To get there, you drive southeast from Reno, following complicating directions, for about an hour and a half, stop at a Native American convenience and call them up and they’ll come and get you, because unless you have a four wheel drive truck, you can’t get there.

We made the photos at high noon and I couldn’t help thinking about Gary Cooper as he gunned down the bad guys in the movie of the same name. A lot can happen at high noon, but photo taking is something that usually shouldn’t. Not unless you have an overcast or cloudy sky.

And we didn’t. The sky was bright, the sun was hot and it was directly overhead, because it was, well, high noon.

Still, we found shady places and we know how to have the sun at our subjects backs and then produce the photos so they look nice. It’s a little more work, but worth it.

Also, I think Doug looks a little bit like Tom Cruise.

How cool would that be, photographing Tom Cruise’s engagement or even his wedding? You know, I bet his wedding photographer charged him a pretty penny. I bet his divorce lawyer did too.

PS. If you hire us to photograph your wedding, we hope you stay married forever and ever.

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