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Kari and Joe

Untitled photo

We made Kari and Joe’s engagement photos, where the Truckee River flows through downtown Reno at sunset, so there were lots of oranges and yellows reflected up from the water.

Sadly, they didn’t pick us to photograph their wedding, because we were a little too expensive. It happens sometimes, couples want engagement photos, but they can’t afford our package or maybe they have a brother, sister or cousin who’s a photographer. We never begrudge couples that. We’re happy to do their engagement session, no matter what wedding photographer they choose.

Fast forward a year and we saw Kari again. She came by our booth at the Reno wedding show as I was talking to a prospective bride.

“You should go with them,” Kari told the bride, “because I didn’t and I’ve never stopped regretting it.”

That was very nice of her, especially because the bride did go with us.

Actually, what she said made our day.

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