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We moved to Reno eleven years ago and we were only going to stay a year, then we’d planned on moving to Hawaii and photographing destination weddings, but Reno, and Lake Tahoe captured us. In that first year we met so many people and made too many friends, who we’d miss if we packed up and moved.

So now we’re doing what we love in a place we love, instead of those tropical weddings we’d planned on. Funny how life jumps up and changes your plans.

One part of our job we really love is the engagement shoot. Here’s where we get to meet the bride and groom in that special way, through our cameras. That is, after all, how we’ll be seeing them on their wedding day.

We’ve also done several Engagement Shoots for brides who were getting married far away from Reno. They had a photographer in Boston or Biloxi or Baton Rouge, but we were here and they were there. We’re happy to do these shoots too.

If you already have a wedding photographer, but she can’t do the engagement photos, we’ll be more than glad to do them.

These days it seems engagement photos are becoming as traditional as wedding photos themselves. Maybe, it’s because today’s couples want photos of themselves in a more casual environment or in an environment which more represents who they are and how they live their lives. And maybe it’s because of social media, because most of the couples we do engagement shoots for put several of their photos up on Facebook or Instagram straight away.

And, of course, engagement photos, are very nice on a save the date card.

To view the photos from our sample engagements, please click on the thumbnails below.

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